All Saints Mausoleum

North Bay's only Community Mausoleum - all denominations welcome!


The all Saints Mausoleum is located at 128 Golf Club Road in North Bay, Ontario.  This modern, state-of-the-art facility was constructed by Carrier Mausoleum Inc. of Montreal, Canada and officially opened on June 18, 2004. 
A mausoleum is an above-ground building which is used for the entombment of a casket within a crypt.  The building contains approximately 310 crypts for casket entombment and 280 niche spaces for cremated remains.  Entombment is the interment of human remains in a tomb, crypt or niche and today is most often referred to as above-ground interment.  It involves placing a casket or cremation urn in a crypt or columbarium niche within the mausoleum. The crypt or niche is then sealed and a memorial is added. Interment rights are required and memorials are limited to requirements of the cemetery bylaws.

When you purchase interment, crypt or niche rights, you purchase the "right to designate" who may be entombed or interred in the space as well as the right to place a memorial where permitted. The crypt, grave or niche space itself remains the property and the responsibility of the cemetery.  As legislated by the Province of Ontario, a portion of the purchase price of all interment rights is contributed to a Care and Maintenance Fund.  Only the interest earned from this fund can be withdrawn to provide regular care and maintenance activities at the cemeteries and mausoleum.



The view on the left is what one sees upon entering All Saints Mausoleum. In the background is the chapel area consisting of crypts on the left and right walls. A tri-split window at the rear highlights the surrounding forest and allows plenty of natural light into the building. This chapel will be used for all interment services in St. Mary's Cemetery as well as the mausoleum. The view on the right is taken from the chapel area looking towards the main entrance.        



Crypts at All Saints Mausoleum are designed to hold casketed remains. Following a casket entombment the crypt is sealed and a marble front is attached. There are different kinds of crypts, including:

  • Single crypts designed for one entombment only (Westminster option available);
  • Companion crypts which are double crypts permitting two entombments side by side;
  • Couch crypts in which the casket is entombed horizontally (Westminster option available).

The price of the crypt will depend on its type and location. For example, upper-level crypts are less expensive than those located at eye level. All Saints Mausoleum offers a selection of crypts from which to choose, priced to meet all wishes and budgets.

A standard inscription of bronze lettering on the crypt front is the form of memorial that comes with entombment. Some options are available for additional memorialization.

Pictured is a view of the some of the crypts in the transcept of the mausoleum. On the right is the chapel area and on the left can be seen some of the glass niches from the columbarium section.


The original Columbarium section in All Saints Mausoleum is located just inside the main entrance on your right and left. It is an arrangement of niches designed to hold urns containing cremated remains. Following an urn entombment, a niche front of marble or glass is attached.

An inscription of bronze lettering on the marble niche front is the form of memorial that comes with niches for cremation urns. There is no surface memorialization on glass-front niches however ceramic or photoplex pictures may be placed on cremation urns entombed in glass-front niches.

It is also possible to place one or more cremation urns inside a crypt during the entombment of a casket. Permission of the crypt rights holder is required and care must be taken that the number of memorial inscriptions needed does not exceed the maximum allowed by the cemetery.

The growing popularity of cremation and this form of interment necessitated the building of an additional niche room (pictured at left) at All Saints Mausoleum. Opened in March 2007, this room contains 566 new niche spaces. In response to the needs of the local community, there is a wider variety of niche types and sizes and a central feature with niches available in the pedestal below.


We are now able to offer our families a select line of cremation urns at reasonable prices.

The administrative staff at North Bay Catholic Cemeteries will be pleased to provide full information about the forms of entombment, interment rights, and the many options and services available for those who choose entombment for the final disposition of remains. All arrangements for entombment can and should be made in advance. By planning ahead, you have the opportunity to consider the many options available as well as to make an informed decision about your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Visit us at our next Open House.

Mail: North Bay Roman Catholic Cemeteries, 132 Golf Club Road, North Bay, ON P1B 9T8 Telephone: 705.495.8986 Facsimile: 705.495.3667 Email: 


On Friday, June 6, 2003, the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay Roman Catholic Cemeteries Board signed a letter of intent with Carrier Mausoleums Construction Inc. of Montreal, P.Q. to construct North Bay's first community mausoleum--a dream which had been talked about for over twenty years. Shown in the picture from left to right are Jeff Johnson, Carrier Mausoleums, Mike Gauthier, Chair of the Cemetery Board, Bishop Plouffe, and Richard Verrier, Vice-President of Sales, Carrier Mausoleums Ltd. On Thursday, November 27, 2003, a groundbreaking ceremony took place and construction was commenced with an early spring completion date. On May 27, 2004, the final inspection took place and the facility was declared ready for use. On Friday, June 18, 2004, the newly constructed All Saints Mausoleum was officially dedicated and opened to the public. 




It is with great pleasure that we introduce this new mausoleum which is meant to offer new remembrance alternatives for a life once lived. With offices in Portland (Oregon), Bolton (Ontario) and administrative headquarters in Ville St-Laurent (Quebec), our company specializes in the construction of buildings related to cemeteries. The construction of a mausoleum does not happen overnight. In the case of All Saints Mausoleum, the process initiated about 5 years ago, when Michael Tarini, vice-chair of North Bay Roman Catholic Cemeteries’ Board, attended a mausoleum workshop we gave through the Ontario Association of Cemeteries. A year and a half later, Darren Denomme, Cemetery Manager, and Robert Palangio, Secretary-Treasurer, came to tour at least half a dozen mausoleums built in the Greater Toronto area. Taking into consideration ideas that they felt would suit the needs of the North Bay population, and putting CMC’s expertise to contribution, preliminary drawings and a color rendering were generated. A mausoleum survey was conducted, as well as an information session in order to ensure that there was sufficient interest to motivate such an important investment. Drawings were modified, the site was surveyed and soil conditions investigated. In the summer of 2003, Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe signed a letter of intent to enter into a contractual agreement with Carrier Mausoleums Construction. In early September 2003, individuals and families that had expressed an interest in the mausoleum were invited to another information session, and were individually met during the fall to proceed with reservations, and again, ensure that the proposed building was suited to the needs of the community. The drawings were slightly amended, and a decision was made to proceed with construction before winter. The staff at The City of North Bay building and planning departments were of great help with a prompt review for the building permit, which was issued November 13, 2003. Construction proceeded immediately after issuance of the building permit, late fall, over the winter and early spring, to reach completion on May 23, 2004. Merlex Engineering was hired to inspect and monitor the various phases of construction, mainly the structure which was erected facing winter conditions.

Since our company builds across North America, we are in a position to appreciate the quality of workmanship when it comes to construction trades people. We simply were delighted with the cooperation of all sub-traders, which, for the most part were local businesses. We would not hesitate to recommend any of the participants in this project. They were found very reasonable to deal with, and the quality of their materials and labour surpassed what we expected. This, to a point that we ended up hiring the masonry contractor for another project currently under construction in Windsor, Ontario. Throughout the whole process, we worked in close cooperation with the representatives of the Cemetery, and provided samples and recommendations for the use of finishing materials in order to create a building that would serve the people of the greater North Bay area. We involved the funeral directors, invited them to visit our showroom and participate in the groundbreaking ceremony in order for them to familiarize themselves with what would become available as new memorialization options. We also met the priests from the Catholic parishes in North Bay. Everyone was of great support.

The end result speaks for itself; this state-of-the-art mausoleum is already greatly appreciated by the people who are using it. Mausoleums, as for cemeteries, are not for the dead. They are for the living, the survivors of the deceased, who want and need to meditate in a serene environment to remember a life once lived. As a designer and builder, the best and only thing we can do to serve this purpose is to create an environment that is serene and peaceful. The choice of marbles, colours, the presence of music, the location of the building, appropriate lighting, like always, it is small details that will make the difference in creating the desired atmosphere. I humbly believe we have done a very good job.

In closing, I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to the people of North Bay that have shown their faith in the project by reserving spaces in advance, as well as everyone that contributed to the project in any manner, to make this enticing community project a true success. We invite everyone to visit All Saints Mausoleum – A Tribute to Life.

Richard Verrier, Vice President of Development

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