North Bay Roman Catholic Cemeteries (NBRCC) collects only personal information that is absolutely necessary in the administration of its responsibilities under the Cemeteries Act, program administration, provision of cemetery services, enforcement of Bylaws, safety and personnel administration.  Collection of personal information is performed in such a manner as to collect only the information required for the purpose(s) identified at the time of collection.  Indirect collection of personal information will occur when the guardian of a person under the age of consent or a person who has power of attorney for an individual is supplying the information.  

NBRCC does not give, rent, trade, transfer or sell personal information to any third party, business, individual or organization uninvolved with the administration of the Cemeteries Act without your explicit written permission unless required or authorized by law.  Retention of personal information is based on an established set of schedules developed with regards to legal and operational requirements.  

NBRCC endeavours to keep personal information as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible.  We do not routinely update personal information unless such a process is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which that personal information was originally collected.  It is the responsibility of the individual who supplied the information to advise us when changes are required to the personal information held about them by NBRCC.  Any individual may request a correction to their personal information if they believe there is an error or omission.  Notice will be supplied in writing once the correction has been made.  

NBRCC protects all personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification with security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information.  This includes physical measures such as locked file cabinets, restricted office access, clean desk practices, employee confidentiality agreements, security access clearances, and use of passwords for sensitive information.  Personal Information is protected in all media and formats.

NBRCC adheres to, supports and promotes the principle of openness intended by the Privacy Act.  NBRCC openly provides access to general information (copying charges may apply) to the extent that access is not prohibited by Acts of legislation or legal agreement.  Personal Information however is only accessible to the individual that information is about and to the cemetery administrative personnel requiring access in order to provide service.  As a general rule, NBRCC will release information unless:

  • it contains personal information not belonging to the person making the request,
  • bullet a specific exception applies under the Freedom of Information Privacy Act;
  • bullet there is a restriction by some other legislation, or
  • bullet there is a legal agreement in place prohibiting the release.

NBRCC provides access to personal information as follows:

  • Individuals wanting access to their personal information should contact the cemetery office for assistance;
  • NBRCC will request information to verify the identity of individuals seeking access to their personal information;
  • Responses will be delivered within 30 calendar days unless otherwise agreed to in writing with the applicant. Extensions of this 30 day period are usually due to very complex requests or requests for large volumes of information;
  • A request for access to information may include requesting copies of the information or simply to view the information. Arrangements can be made to view the files in the presence of the cemetery administrative staff if copies are not required. Charges for copying are minimal;
  • If any information is withheld from a requestor, the reasons for denying access will be given that permit NBRCC to withhold the information.

An individual may challenge NBRCC's compliance with these principles or with the Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act by contacting the Chairperson of the Cemetery Board.  The Cemetery Board will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the concerns of a challenge, including reviewing its policies and practices and submitting a response to the individual making the challenge.  If the individual is not satisfied with the response received from the Cemetery Board regarding compliance, or any part of an information request, an appeal can be sent to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.  NBRCC will assist the applicant in sending an appeal to that office.  


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