Interment Rights:

When one purchases a grave, cemetery plot, cremation niche, mausoleum niche or crypt, they retain the right to burial of the dead. Ownership of the land always remains with the cemetery owner. What one is purchasing is called “Interment Rights”; that is, the right to inter or bury in that grave, plot, crypt or niche. In Ontario, Interment Rights are held in perpetuity—there is no time limit or expiration date. All fees for Interment Rights include a prescribed amount to be deposited into the Care and Maintenance (Perpetual Care) Fund. This one-time fee is levied by the Province of Ontario to go towards the ongoing maintenance of our cemeteries, columbaria and mausolea. The fees for Interment Rights are regulated by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. 

Services and Supplies:

All other activities or merchandise for which a cemetery charges fees for are defined as Services and/or Supplies. Excavation of graves, construction of monument foundations and extraordinary attention to plots would all be considered Services. Some examples of Supplies would be memorialization products, monuments, pictures, bronze lettering and vaults. The fees for all Services and Supplies can only be provided by the cemetery.

The following are fees for the more commonly purchased Interment Rights, Services and Supplies. For prices on items not listed or for specific package pricing, please consult the cemetery office.


Holy Cross Cemetery:

Single Grave $1,435.00
Two (2)-Grave Plot $2,555.00
Foundation Fee (Upright Monument Section) $385.00

St. Mary’s Cemetery:

Single Grave (1-casket burial only & 1-urn space) $1,970.00
Private Columbarium (2 niche units) from $5,605 
Cremation Plot (4-Urn Spaces) $1010.00
Exterior Columbarium Niche* from $2,835.00
*Includes Bronze Memorial Wreath

All Saints Mausoleum

Casket Entombment Options
Single Crypts from $8,770.00
Double Crypts from $27,690.00
Cremation Entombment Options
Marble Niche from $1,665.00
Glass Niche from $2,335.00
Exterior Columbarium Niche*
from $3,225.00
*Includes Bronze Memorial Wreath

All Interment Rights Fees include the mandatory Care and Maintenance (Perpetual Care) Fee. This fee is a one time contribution for the maintenance of the cemetery, columbarium, or mausoleum.

Prices do not include applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Interment Fees:

A provincial licensing fee of $12.00 has been incorporated into the cost of all interments requiring a burial permit.

Ground Burial Fees:
Adult Burial (Standard) $1025.00
Adult Burial (Double Depth) $1,920.00
Infant Burial $355.00
Cremated Remains Burial $410.00
Cremated Remains Burial (Previously Used Natural Grave) $515.00

Mausoleum or Columbarium Entombment Fees:

Casket Entombment $670.00
Casket Entombment (Westminster) $720.00

Cremated Remains Entombment Mausoleum

Cremated Remains Entombment Columbarium (outdoor) 



Memorialization Fees:

Monument Foundation (Under 4 ft) $385.00 
Monument Foundation (Over 4 ft, under 6 ft) $485.00 
Monument Foundation (Over 6ft) $585.00 

Ground Marker Installation

Staking Fee 



Corner Stone & Foot Marker Installation  $90.00 
Bronze Niche Lettering $970.00 
Bronze Crypt Lettering Package from $2,155.00 
Replacement Niche Wreath $990.00


Cleaning of Monuments and Memorials. $70.00 / hr (minimum of 110.00 charge)

Replacement Foundation installed prior to 1992

*Monument Care Fund fees are mandatory for any monument or marker over 172 square inches and are set by the Province of Ontario.

Special Services

Saturday Casket Burial Fee (when available)

Saturday Cremated Remains Burial Fee (when available) 

Winter Burial Fee (Dec 1st - May 1st)




Disinterment Fee (casket) from $4,500.00 
Disinterment Fee (urn) from    $500.00

Interment Rights Transfer Fee


Use of Mausoleum for service 


$50 per Pallbearer 

$275/hr min charge 

Trees and Shrubs


Removal of Globe Cedars (includes removal roots and restoration of plot & monument $80.00 / tree

Removal of Pyramid Cedars or other species

Option 1: Cut to ground level. $80.00 / Tree

Option 2: Remove roots as well and restoration of plot and monument. $160.00 / Tree

Special Attention to Plots

Special attention to plots that fall outside of normal care and maintenance is available. Fees are based on a per job or per hour basis. Please contact the cemetery office for further details and to make these arrangements.

 2021 Price List (printable)

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Holy Cross Cemetery,
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St. Mary's Cemetery,
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